You Can Make Life Happen Or Let It Happen To You ...

But what if I had stayed longer in the corporate arena? Where would I be today? Could that have helped fulfill my personal mission better than getting two Master's, running a few businesses, serving as Deputy Mayor and coaching and teaching? Tough to say, since at the time I had no sense of what my mission was, what was really important to me, or how I wanted to make an impact on the world.

And that's exactly why I help people do those things now. It took me many, many years of different jobs of varying levels of joy and success to realize what's important to me and how best I could make my mark. I wish I'd had a coach to help me through those earlier stages to speed up the process, skip the stops that were more frustrating than fulfilling, move beyond my comfort zone, and stay longer in the places and work spaces that really were the most conducive to my thriving. I wish I'd had a coach to cheer me on, ask me the tough questions, and help me look at my life holistically so that I was thoughtful about how the choices I made personally would jibe with my professional moves, and vice versa.

Life will always happen to us, even when we have other plans in mind, and absolutely, many people enjoy letting life take them where it will. There's definitely something to be said for spontaneity, but when opportunities and challenges do come a knockin', isn't it better to know what options make the most sense to pursue based on what matters most to us ... and to be ready to seize them?

Strategies YOU Can Use To Get A Job You Love, A Career You Savor & A Life That Thrives.

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Working with Maria got me to see what I really cared about most and how to stop putting off changing careers out of fear and complacency. She provided just the support, encouragement and specific guidance I need. So grateful!! ~ Robert M, Nonprofit Leader

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The Time To Thrive Is Now!

The introspection surrounding your personal mission provides you with a foundation to figure out some other real biggies: What type of work will suit me best? How important is money? Do I want to live near or as far away as possible from my family or my hometown? Do I like working in teams? How long a commute is too long? What would I do if money were no object? Does starting my own business make sense? Do I want to change the world through my work or will a volunteer position be route to go?

these answers develop through the coaching process, we get to work on matching what you discover about yourself with the actual work world and job market. What skills are most in demand for the field(s) you're considering? Why is networking so critical? How do I actually find a job? How do I prepare for an interview? What should my resume say? How do I handle multiple job offers? How will these decisions impact the other important aspects of my life?

Wherever you are in your quest for a thriving work and thriving life, let's connect and see how we can work together to make it happen! Learn more about coaching opportunities and getting all your critical job search tools ready to dazzle!

Coaching Accelerates Your Progress Like Nothing Else Can.

Perhaps like me, you've mainly enjoyed your career, but it's time for something totally new. Maybe you want to start a new business. Or you're a young professional who hasn't found the right fit. Or maybe you're about to retire and want to tackle a whole new opportunity. Or you realize your resume hasn't been updated in 7 years, and the thought of networking or interviewing fills you with dread.

Or, maybe you're getting ready to graduate from college (congrats! but get ready, big changes are a comin'). I not only teach college juniors and seniors all about career success preparation at Indiana University, but I remember waaaay back to when I was in your shoes. I'd majored in History with a Minor in Spanish and had absolutely no idea what I was going to do next other than miss my friends and the comfort and fun of college. Fortunately, higher education's attention to career matters has come a long way since then. But I digress ...

I was lucky enough that it didn't take me long once I graduated to land a job with AT&T-International's Latin American division, where my study of Spanish actually was essential to my securing the job, and I got to use the language daily.

But like I said, that was luck, and I decided a year or so into that job at the ripe old age of 22 that the corporate world, its travel, hard work, high salaries and world travel weren't for me (really?). I then started to do some of the digging I wish I'd done much earlier to figure out what I had more of an inclination toward. I ended up going to grad school for a Master's in Journalism. And the rest, they say, is history, as my winding career path was off and roaming.

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Maria's support, coaching and killer resume led me to land the internship of my dreams! ~ Tyler C, Aspiring PR Professional

Let's Get You Where You Want To Be ...

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You may be keenly aware that you're not sure what you want to do professionally or that you are unhappy with your current job or career path. Fortunately, you've got some choices.

  1. You can find a job that pays the bills, but doesn't provide much in the way of enjoyment or enrichment. Maybe this will be a temporary stop for you, though we've all met the throngs of people who thought that and who wake up at 65 realizing they haven't made the move to more enthralling work yet. (Good news, it is never too late to do so!)

  2. Figure out what you want to do on your own or with the help of well-meaning friends and family.

  3. Work with a coach, someone who can help you: speed up the process; get focused, determined and motivated; get ready for a job search, job change or career transformation; be accountable for your continual forward progress; and celebrate your successes along the way. Clearly, I'm biased here and would heartily choose option three, and let me tell you why!