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While your resume and cover letter will help you land the interview, chances are before you get that call, something else happens first: the staff in charge of determining whether or not you will get an interview will be looking you up on LinkedIn. Your LinkedIn profile is not only your big opportunity to shine before organizations you'd like to work for, it also helps you showcase your story, strengths, talents, experience and brand while connecting and networking with professionals around the world. Maximizing the various opportunities LinkedIn provides to showcase you and your brand takes some excellent writing and positioning know-how. Together we'll get your profile noticed and adding value to you as a professional.

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Power Tool Recharge!

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I started out without an updated resume and totally intimidated by the idea of creating one. Maria guided me through the steps necessary to create a document that has proven to be a valuable tool in my pursuit of a new career. Her insights were critical in allowing me to build a resume that reflected my abilities and experience. It was great to work with Maria on creating my future. ~ Patrick M, Senior Leader

Your Online Personal Brand

So, let’s say we get you ready to conquer the world with a fantastic resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. Well, there’s often one more key step to take to make sure job interviews don’t elude you. Now you may be fine in this arena, but the wise move would be to ensure your personal brand is professional, consistent and in line with the field, organization or job you are pursuing. My years of marketing, public relations and strategy development really come in handy here. Here's how we can work together to make sure you shine (in a good way, not the run-for-the-powder way).

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I was on the job hunt and needed a resume makeover. Maria's assistance in crafting a top-drawer resume helped me successfully land a challenging new position and take one more step up that professional ladder. Thanks, Maria!
~ Miah M, Arts Executive

Ah, The Resume!

There is a great deal of advice out there on what your resume should and should not contain, how it should look and how long it should be. Unfortunately, a lot of this advice is misguided and not relevant to today’s market. Is the resume still important these days? Or is it dead??

Well, the old-fashioned, boring and bland resume that itemized your professional past indeed has been bumped off. However, the resume that tells your story, accentuates your value and highlights your personal brand is alive and kicking open the doors of opportunity.

Long gone are the days of the traditional, 12-point, serif-fonted, duty-driven confessionaries that featured generic, me-centric Objectives Statements; painful minutia about past employers; less than stellar GPAs; and contact information for three preordained references. Thankfully, the dawn of a new resume day has arrived, and it’s about to be your new best friend. And this is where my decades of experience in writing, editing, positioning, public relations, personal branding, layout, design and yes, in hiring and resume development, get to come together and have a really powerful time!

Your resume needs can be met in a few ways, depending on your particular goals. Check them out here.

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The Cover Letter

While the resume has a sexier reputation as a key job search tool, the cover letter may be even more crucial. Why? Because if it stinks, your resume may never be seen. The cover letter needs tobe tailored to every job for which you apply and it must make you stand out from the hoards of other applicants in a way that is creative and compelling. It needs to make it very clear that you're interesting and someone who just has to be interviewed. There's an art to writing an excellent cover letter, and I’ve got you covered.

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