I Have The Job Search Blues!

  • Become more confident and assertive
  • Transition effectively to new positions
  • Manage others more effectively
  • Boost your soft skills
  • Make decisions easier and faster
  • Better align your beliefs and actions
  • Understand your roadblocks and burst through them
  • Enhance your interviewing and job seeking skills

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Strategies YOU Can Use To Get A Job You Love, A Career You Savor & A Life That Thrives.

Our Coaching Sessions

Our sessions together can take place in whatever format you prefer — over the phone, via Skype or Skype-type technology or in person if we happen to be in the same place at the same time. Working within the framework and phases I described above, I listen deeply to what you say and how you say it. I ask you questions to clarify and dig deeper on certain points. We talk about what’s most important, take the emotions out of the situation and move toward a solid solution with tangible action steps.

We take your overall goals and break them into smaller parts so that we can work on a specific and clear agenda — an agenda you set — in each session. We set out clear on what we will aim to accomplish in each session, and there may be some work you need to do in between sessions as part of the process. We arrange the number of sessions depending on your starting place and end goal and what needs to happen in between. If we discover more sessions needed to be added, we can always do so. I provide you with email access to me between sessions in case you have questions or get stuck on a step or a piece of research.

Our Opportunity

With me as your coach, you are never alone in this process. It's co-active, meaning we are in it together, both of us working hard to help you get a new job, find meaningful work, develop a stellar resume, transition to an altogether new career or tackle other major goals in life. I work one-on-one with a small number of clients at a time in order to ensure each gets full attention. Coaching involves the development of a very special relationship, and just like all solid and powerful relationships, we need to be a good match.

Learn more about the packages available or feel free to contact me via email at
maria@coachthrive.us. I look forward to boosting your success together!

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Job Search Success Coaching Package

Accelerate Your Success Through Coaching!

Whether you need help landing a job where you will flourish, or you feel vaguely dissatisfied or profoundly unfulfilled with some aspect of your career, I am here to help get you onto the winning path!

Working together, you can:

  • Identify and accomplish your goals
  • Gain greater job/career satisfaction
  • Determine a new career path
  • Develop a better balance between work and life
  • Increase your focus and productivity
  • Approach work with greater creativity and innovation

Okay, I Am Ready To Thrive!

Maria is the best! I had so many ideas twirling in my brain of what to try next career-wise that I was actually stuck acting on none of them. Working with Maria changed all that as she patiently worked with me to identify what really made me excited to do and make it happen! ~ Tom C, Small Business Owner

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Breakthrough To Success Coaching Package

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Career Change Success Coaching Package

The Benefits Of Working With A Coach

Navigating the many opportunities life presents us can be a challenge if we are approaching it alone. This is especially true if we feel overwhelmed, way too busy or stressed, or not exactly eager to move beyond our comfort zone. Perhaps you need some help landing the job you really want or honing the skills you need to advance in your profession, or even help switching careers. A coach helps you prioritize your ideas, options and activities, and helps you map out a plan of action that is in alignment with your personal mission, vision, values and goals.

Achieving big goals can usually takes effort, creativity and initiative, but the sooner you get started on the path that's right for you, the sooner you get to where you want to be. Change is a challenge, not just because the unknown can be scary and unpredictable or because the path to change is not always clear.

Change is tough too because our brain is wired to respond in ways it knows, always taking the easier, more habitual path unless we make a concerted effort to alter our beliefs, habits and actions. And sometimes we need a little support and guidance to make this happen. Change also doesn't happen overnight. If you've ever experimented with habits as seemingly simple as wearing your watch on the other wrist or trying not to check your phone or email for hours, you know that it takes time to break new habits and embrace new ones.

The same holds true for coaching. It is a process that involves commitment, patience, collaboration and compassion.

I love Maria! She really helped me realize how much I love the field of public relations, and the skills she helped me learn make me feel totally prepared to enter the field. I honestly can't wait to graduate this spring and start making a difference! ~ Jenni L, College Student

How Coaching Works

Coaching is a path of compassion lined with personal growth, self-inquiry and exploration of the answers that lie within. As Your Mindful Career Coach, I help go getters like you identify and attain success -- as you define it. Together we define the scope of your goals, look at what might be preventing you from moving forward and map out clear action steps. We also get very specific with the job search tools you will need -- resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and more as required -- to be sure they are cutting edge, strategic and reflect the very special value you will bring to a professional opportunity.  

The Process

When you work with me, we work together through specific phases in the coaching process, including visioning, self-discovery, research, exploration, decision making, planning, implementation, goal achievement and reflection. We begin the coaching process with determining what your vision of success is because you need to know exactly where you want to be in order to get there! I've seen too many people pursue a degree or take a job without giving much thought as to how either of these major time investments impacts their big goals, values or their view of success. The time and energy spent in each phase depends upon your particular starting place, your big end goal, your commitment and readiness to make changes, and whatever it is you need to do to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

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