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Résumé typos can squash a successful job search quickly! Read my take on this and learn four other key tips: "5 Ways Your Résumé is Screaming 'Unprofessional.'"

Hello! I'm Maria Katrien Heslin, a Certified Career Coach who helps individuals get clear on their purpose, goals and strengths so they can reach their professional mountaintop. I work with college students and professionals of all career stages.

Through my practice
Thrive Coaching & Development, I help people identify and attain success as they define it. I do this through individual and small group coaching; expert resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile co-development; personal branding; networking and interview preparation; and job search mapping.

My experience in strategic writing, editing, proofreading, PR and personal branding sets me apart as a coach because I'm able to help my clients differentiate themselves and communicate their strengths, unique value and personal edge across multiple platforms.

Seeing people thrive is beyond satisfying, and when one person
thrives, the world is that much a better place! I've had times in my life where I haven't thrived and have held jobs that were fine but weren't an optimal match for my talents, creative spirit and personal mission.

Fortunately, I also know how truly fabulous thriving can be, and exactly how to help others feel the same way. Read more about my story, teaching, coaching, training and outcomes, and how we can work together to get you thriving!

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If you know you are here on this planet to do something amazing, but you're not sure what or how to get there; or you’re frustrated by the progress of your job search; or you want to explore an entirely new career path; or you need a killer resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile or clarity on your personal brand and how to communicate it … I'm here for you.


After 25 years of working in local government I wanted to change my career path. Maria helped with this transition. She took my experience, skills and background and created a resume that worked across many new career opportunities. I am now working at a software development company!! Thanks, Maria. ~ Susie J, Executive Leader

We spend at least one third of our lives working, yet globally, only 13% of us feel happy and engaged in what we do! Who wouldn't want to wake up each morning eager to begin their day?? Trust me, it's completely possible (I do!), even on the coldest, dreariest Monday mornings! I can help you find and thrive in the work you love.

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In this article I share some of my best tips on how to create a cutting edge, compelling resume!

I was amazed at how much Maria was able to help me in such a short period of time. In a supportive, non-threatening way, she helped me realize what was holding me back from pursuing my dream. Maria's coaching was just what I needed to get me moving in the right direction! ~ Susie P, Entrepreneur

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Your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and online personal brand need to represent the most fantastic you there is. With these powerful tools, you'll be positioned to land the job that makes you leap out of bed each morning with enthusiasm!

Maria is not only a knowledgeable and capable mentor; she is kind, insightful and willing to go the extra mile (and another after that) to see that her clients reach their goals. Maria is a great ally to have. ~ David S, Designer

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